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LINE Architect is the proud architect of the TARIC Centre, once again included in Toronto Doors Open 2017, and also selected as one of the 150 buildings for Canada's 150th Anniversary Celebration. 

LINE Architect won the People's Choice Award in the competition by the Urban Land Institute for the Toronto Waterfront, and showcased 2 projects in the Toronto of the Future showcase.

Founded in 1990 in Toronto, LINE Architect has worked in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal and received recognition from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada Wood Council, Enbridge, and the Ontario Association of Architects.

"There is not a day that we don't love our house."
- Michael Quast, strawbale home owner, Oakville, Ontario

"You listened to us and yet brought creativity, economy and beauty to our project."
- Brian Desbien, President:Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough.

"Fleming College achieves beauty in budget and is one of the most energy efficient buildings in Canada"
- Christopher Hume, Architectural critic, The Toronto Star. 
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